Vietnamese Grilled Meat

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Vietnamese Grilled Meat is Best bbq of vietnamese food near me. You are finding vietnamese street food? visit Gam Cau Street

Vietnamese Grilled Meat
find vietnamese food near me? visit Gam Gau Street


Best bbq
Gam Cau Grilled Meat is Best bbq of hanoi

In this street there are many restaurant, usually you should choose the most crowded restaurant will be more credible.

People come here often visit the biggest restaurant called “Bum” , right at the gate into Gou Bridge, perhaps this is also the ancient barbecue restaurant serves the best . The restaurant is quite unique place, right under the bridge, the sound of the train passing through to bring many people feel very simple and romantic. Many people like to come here to eat and watch the train run through.

Opening hours of  Vietnamese Grilled Meat

The shop usually open from 5 pm to dark late at 10 pm depending on the number of customers. There are 12 o’clock at night to eat, the restaurant is still open

Features of Best bbq

vietnamese food near me
You are finding vietnamese street food? visit Gam Cau Street

The barbecue here is diverse from saying: heart, stomach, colon, beef, noodle, … all, are the favorite of the people drinking. Stomach, luminescence and perseverance are good, slow, soft and easy to eat. Vietnamese Grilled Meat here is attractive because of the ingredients are spiced marinated just enough, add a layer of honey making heart, soft meat, when baked up the aromatic attractive. Take a piece of barbecue delicious cheap, hot, point to the bowl of soy sauce, chili sauce and delicious then slowly sip the aroma in the mouth, it is really great.

Served with Vietnamese Grilled Meat is the stomach sauce, butter toast, cucumber and shrimp pudding. Meat dishes are pretty nice around the surrounding vegetables.

The price of  Vietnamese Grilled Meat

Vietnamese Grilled Meat is one of Best choice of vietnamese food near me

You can bake yourself or staff bake for you, it will be a bit more expensive, but you have to step into the barbecue without experiencing the feeling of self-grilling and sip it is regrettable. Prices range from about 70,000 VNĐ to 110,000. Often 80,000 VNĐ are fed to the stomach. Add about 10.000-20.000 VNĐ of water and bread is satisfying. A set of baked beans here at 70,000 VND.

Pho roll Vietnam

Serves in the street of  Vietnamese Grilled Meat

The service here is very good and attentive. Just missing something like vegetables or vermicelli that staff will bring out immediately and do not charge anything added to the service. However, many of the time because of the east side of the service should be a bit slow. Shoppers are also extremely easy to calculate, ready to change the customer if there is a complaint.

Regardless of the hot or cold weather, the restaurant has not stopped people. But the cool day or a little cool that is gathering with friends, pampered with delicious baked goods, fragrant here there is no fun at all. Gam Cau street is the best bbq in hanoi!

vietnamese street food is Diversity

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