Things to do during Tet Holiday Vietnam

Things to do on Tet Holiday Vietnam? The life of Vietnamese people is “overturned” a lot during the Lunar New Year so it greatly affects the experience of tourists. There are many people who recommend tourists not to come to Vietnam on Tet, they have many bases to give such advice. However, I will recommend the things to do on Vietnam Lunar year to have the best experience

What is Tet?

Things to do on Tet Holiday Vietnam
Things to do on Tet Holiday Vietnam

Like the West celebrating the new year according to the solar calendar with the countdown festival, many eastern countries welcome the new year according to the lunar calendar. For Vietnamese people, the new year is really the start from “TET”

The time of Tet 2019

Vietnamese people take Tet holidays from February 2, 2019 (Saturday) -> February 10, 2019 (Sunday)
Here’s how people call holidays on TET. Tet will also be the anchor that I will use to refer to the time in this article (before Tet, after Tet).

solar calendar28/01/201929/01/201930/01/201931/01/201901/02/201902/02/201903/02/2019
Vietnamese call23 TET24 TET25 TET26 TET27 TET28 TET29 TET
NoteMondayStart Tet holidays
solar calendar04/02/201905/02/201906/02/201907/02/201908/02/201909/02/201910/02/2019
NoteWatch fireworksFather TetMother TetTeacher TetEnd Tet

Characteristics of services during Tet

Things to do on Tet Holiday Vietnam: The service is off!

Transportation: flights, buses and trains about 1 week before or after Tet are usually booked because Vietnamese people travel a lot this time (returning home / coming home from work). Make sure you book tickets early.

The worst days to travel are two days before Tet and three days after Tet. Unless you have your own transportation

Accommodation: most hotels still open, so there’s no need to worry about accommodation. However, some hotels may raise prices if you stay during the Tet holiday.

Sightseeing: some tourist destinations are still open during Tet, but many museums, tombs, and indoor exhibitions and art houses will be closed on the first 3 days of Tet. Floating markets in the Mekong Delta will be closed.

Restaurants: many restaurants will be closed during Tet. Therefore, Tet may not be the best time for fans of food tours.

Stores: many shops will be closed for the first few days of Tet. The good news is – many products will be sold at very reasonable prices because most sellers want to start a smooth sales year.

Bank: banks will close for the holiday.

Listen to the song Happy new year belong Abba Band many times: Many people or shops will turn on this song during the Tet holiday. Vietnamese people also have many special songs for Tet but this is really a song that is singing or immortal.

Things to do on Tet Holiday Vietnam

If you arrive before Tet (around January 26, 2018 -1/2/2019)

Go to the market to see Vietnamese people buy flowers

Things to do on Tet Holiday Vietnam 1: Buying Flowers

Movement to bustling flower market especially before Tet holiday All week, people often come here to choose home decorations to welcome the first season of the year. Not only that, single people can find their other half at this special Tet market, because spring is the season of love!

In the North often choose red peach tree to decorate the house or plug in the altar, because it is suitable for the cold atmosphere here. Digging according to Chinese beliefs can exorcise, banish all evil, bring positive air and best wishes for the first day of spring.The South belongs to a tropical climate, suitable for apricot blossom buds when Tet comes to Spring. Yellow represents noble glory, according to the five elements to help develop the race. If the apricot blossom in the house blooms on the eve of the New Year’s Eve or the first morning of the first year, the homeowner will surely be lucky and prosperous throughout the year.

Some Address:

  1. Quang Ba flower market: Au Co, Nhat Tan, Tay Ho, Hanoi. There are buses 31, 58, 55, 33 and 41 passing.
  2. Lac Long Quan flower market: Lac Long Quan and Cau Giay streets (near Anh Tri flower supermarket).
  3. Hang Luoc flower market: Hang Luoc and Hoan Kiem.
  4. Hoang Hoa Tham Flower Market: Along Hoang Hoa Tham Street.

Go to the street of  Master calligraphy

things to do on Vietnam Lunar year
things to do on Vietnam Lunar year 2:Visit Master calligraphy

Painting and writing sentences for the New Year has long been a custom of Vietnamese people, the pleasures of most people, regardless of money or no money.Please come to Quoc Tu Giam Street in Hanoi, where it still retains this interesting traditional art form and every year, he often organizes the examination of his grandfather. Don’t miss it!

Address: 58 Quoc Tu Giam, Van Mieu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

The streets sell Tet gifts

Things to do on Tet Holiday Vietnam 3: Go Hang Ma and Luong Van Can Street

Vietnamese people will re-decorate the house, buy confectionery and eat Tet. So many streets often sell other things, but on Tet holiday sell confectionery, wallpaper, fortune tree …

Address: Hang Ma, Luong Van Can

If you come on Tet (around February 2, 2019 -> 10/02/2019)

Watch fireworks on the night of 30th New Year

things to do on Vietnam Lunar year 4: Watch fireworks

Picking up the new year is a common activity on the occasion of the new year, usually takes place at 0:00 on February 5, 2019.

On New Year’s Eve, localities across the country are allowed to perform spectacular fireworks displays for about 15 minutes. On this night, people often rush to watch, mostly young people.In the old days, firecrackers were not banned by the state. Every family had a long string of fireworks to burn on New Year’s Eve or the first morning. However, there are many fire and injury accidents as well, which are completely banned.

6 Fireworks location:

  1. Hoan Kiem Lake (before the headquarters of Hanoi New Newspaper)
  2. Lac Long Quan flower garden
  3. My Dinh National Sports Complex, Nam Tu Liem District
  4. Island of Uncle Ho and Uncle Ton monuments at Thong Nhat Park, Hai Ba Trung district
  5. Van Quan Lake, Ha Dong district
  6. Ancient town of Shanxi, Son Tay town

Visit the Tran Quoc  pagoda

Things to do on Tet Holiday Vietnam 5: Visit Tran Quoc pagoda

Going to the temple is also another custom that we often see, that is to go to the temple to ask for fortune and ask for the occasion to celebrate the season of blooming flowers. According to the review, this behavior often occurs in women in the family, they go to the beliefs to bless, peace for the family, or ask for fortune and luck on the first day of the year.

But those who have experienced this bustling act are not only middle-aged, but young people are also very frequented at this solemn worship place like this. Maybe the love for love should also be!

Stroll around the pedestrian street of Hoan Kiem Lake

things to do on Vietnam Lunar year 6: Walking on Hoan Kiem Lake

The scenery was extremely peaceful, all offices, shops and services were closed, except for hospitals, on the streets, there were very few transportation vehicles.

Participate in festivals of major cities (if any).

Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Sapa, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hoi An


Participate in activities of local people

I plan to organize a walk around West Lake (about 17km, take more than 3 hours on foot) on 8 or 9 or 10/12/2019, if you want to join, pm I am in Hanoi Local Travel group

Meet Vietnamese friends

Things to do on Tet Holiday Vietnam 7: meet friends

Gather with the community, eat, talk, chat about the work done in the old year, share the plans in the new year

Cycling around West Lake

things to do on Vietnam Lunar year 8: Cycling Tay lake

West Lake is the largest lake in Hanoi, the landscape changes throughout the perimeter of the lake. You should prepare (buy or borrow) a bicycle and experience cycling here. You should go around 4-5 pm to catch up at sunset, this is the place to watch the most beautiful sunset of Hanoi

If you arrive after Tet (after February 10, 2019)

After the Lunar New Year, most activities and services are back. You should participate in some types of arts as well as traditional sights of Vietnamese people

Water Puppet show

Things to do on Tet Holiday Vietnam 9: Watch Water Puppet show

Water puppet dance is a unique traditional folk theater art of our country. The stage to buy water puppets is the water surface, the actors are wooden puppets, combined with the effects of light, sound, the artists have created lively, attractive, conquering performances. both viewers from domestic to international friends

Some address:

  1. Lotus Water Puppet: 16 Le Thai To, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi,
  2. Thang Long Water Puppet Theater: 57B Dinh Tien Hoang, Hang Bac, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

things to do on Vietnam Lunar year 10: Visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is the place where President Ho Chi Minh’s corpse is located
There is no admission fee for the Mausoleum, local and foreign people can visit on opening days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday). 

Time to visit the Mausoleum from 8 am to 11 pm. The 2 weekends are 30 minutes longer than regular days.

Address: No. 19 Ngoc Ha, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Temple 1 column

things to do on Vietnam Lunar year 11: Visit Temple 1 column

The unique and impressive One Pillar Pagoda is built on a small lake with only one stone pillar. Guests can visit the ornate interior temple or simply relax in a peaceful setting under the green canopy.

Address: Chua street, a column, Doi Can, Ba Dinh and Ha Noi

And there are many other traditional places I will introduce in another article. Please subscribe to email to follow new posts

Things should not do on Tet

what to do on Tet Holiday
what to do on Tet Holiday? Donot do below things
  1. Try not to bargain because it will be considered to bring misfortune to the new year. If you have to do it, be very polite.
  2. Vietnamese people do not say bad things during the Tet holiday. They also avoid arguing with others. When there is any conflict, keep calm, have a happy mind and solve it peacefully.
  3. Cleaning homes during Tet holidays is considered to sweep all luck and money out of their homes. When visiting Vietnamese homes on Tet holiday, you should avoid throwing garbage on the floor.
  4. Wearing black or white clothes. Black and white are mostly used in Vietnamese funerals, so it is a bad sign if you wear these colored clothes during the Lunar New Year.
  5. Request fire or water. Many homeowners do not like fire and water askers when they come to their home on New Year’s Day because they believe that fire and water represent a blessing. Keep it in your mind to have Happy New Year in Vietnam.
  6. Throw away garbage on the first day: If you throw away the garbage, it means you also throw away your luck, so you should avoid it.
  7. Breaking furniture: Any time the furniture smashing should not be done. This shows the break, cracking in both life, emotion ..
  8. Borrowing money: Borrowing money is an action that money will be taken out of one’s employer, doing so at the beginning of the year will create bad psychology. At the beginning of the year, a lot of money was collected and the whole year was prosperous
  9. Claiming debt: Vietnamese people think what they do at the beginning of the year, the whole year will be like that. Avoiding debt claims at the beginning of the year will bring bad luck about money throughout the year

Above is many things to do on Vietnam Lunar year. Hope you will not be afraid of Vietnamese Tet.

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