Making A Star Lantern with Paper

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How to Make a star-shaped Lantern. We will show you a star lantern making with paper. Hope you happy in Mid-autumn Festival

star-shaped Lantern
star-shaped Lantern making


Everyone knows that the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is also called Vietnamese Children’s Day, Trung means middle, and Thu is autumn because Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated in mid-autumn on the lunar August of lunar calendar. . From the beginning of the month, Mid-Autumn has been prepared with colorful stars, colorful shapes, and many different types of cake: Which is moon cake, cake, plastic cake, pumpkin cake … They Make a star-shaped Lantern, moon lanterns, carp lights, or cars, planes, ships … with bright colors, they went to each group Sing happy.


History of star lantern making with paper

In the past there was a couple of boys who love each other very accidentally. They never met, they met each other and loved each other through the letter sent by the white crane. So, the days went by, both of them were happy with their love, they talked about everything, shared feelings, difficulties and happiness too … one day both decided to meet.

The guy had a date with the girl, he was so happy and happy to be able to meet someone he loved so much, but with that, he was so nervous because he always hated that she had people. Love, her true love is not him, she often confessed, texting and chatting her everything with other people, not him.

He thought forever, thinking about that, understanding his anxiety, he showed up and gave him a soft, like human skin, he told him to wear it on his face when meeting his lover. will not recognize him and so, and add another to use when it’s dark, he will understand everything … he happy, thank him for the …

star lantern making with paper
star lantern making with paper


Mid-Autumn Festival, on the date of the meeting of two people, the guy wearing the gift he donated to meet his lover with confidence …

When meeting the girl, he was stunned at her holy beauty, he wanted to run to her, hugging her, but something caught him, he saw around her there are many another guy, today, she met up with many people … he did not go to see the girl anymore, he stood from afar, showing the object he raised for, many stars in the sky suddenly down, It was a star-shaped Lantern for him to watch, … She finally sat alone with a handsome guy, the boy was disappointed and told her silly joke with her, With his true feelings, … he quietly walked away …

Mid-autumn Festival
Mid-autumn Festival for children


The boy was disappointed in the first love, he put all his mind into his career, training and study, he finally succeeded, the young man to the throne of the kingdom, and to commemorate the greatest sadness of In life, the king celebrated the festival on the mid-autumn moon, the attendants wore an object like the old man gave birth but on it painted very ugly face, holding the lamp to light Surrounded by light, the king said, doing so to honor the compassionate heart … and especially the attendees are just children, the king said, children have pure hearts And sincerely, despite the cover of the real face around, still recognize the kindness and sincerity of each other, without a bit of a lie … to children to believe in. Those things, grow up, mature that bring happiness to others.

Source: Phuong Vu (general)

Secrets of the Mid-Autumn Festival – First time to do “That”

The story is so touching and meaningful, so the Keepmoving group decided to do it themselves as a midwife, although based on the model, this is also a a star lantern making with paper for you to process the starlight as well as the central decoration. collection.

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