Buy a Simcard for 3G/4G mobile Internet in Vietnam

When traveling to Vietnam, the first thing you need to consider is simcard in vietnam. Most tourists need data sim card (Vietnam prepaid sim) to find information as well as use maps. The 3 largest operators in Vietnam are vinaphone sim card, viettel sim card and Mobifone sim card

Vietnam prepaid sim

simcard in vietnam
simcard in vietnam

You need to distinguish vietnam prepaid sim and postpaid sim. almost 100% of tourists will use prepaid sim for simple procedures: You just need to bring your passport to the store to trade and register information. When you run out of money in your account, you will buy a recharge card, very quickly and conveniently

General price of prepaid sim (3 suppliers): 50.000 VNĐ/sim

Postpaid sim card will be suitable for foreigners working long term in Vietnam


Buy data sim card at official stores

data sim card
Store sell data sim card (VNPT-Vinaphone)

You should go to the official authorized stores to buy the sim with the right price and the appropriate package. If you buy from outside stores, you will get a high price or be cheated. Below is the list of official stores of 3 operators, looking for the address that suits you

  1. Vinaphone (Belonging to VNPT group):
  2. Viettel:
  3. Mobifone:


Pack of mobile internet simcard in vietnam

Vietnam prepaid sim data Internet
Vietnam prepaid sim

Here are vietnam prepaid sim card mobile internets of the network providers. Each package has different characteristics and I will divide the packages by using time: 1 day, 1 week, 1 month

Depending on how long you spend in Vietnam, choose the appropriate package. After each cycle, the package will automatically renew with the account remaining. If the account runs out of money, the package will be canceled, you must re-register the package.

Each package has a certain data capacity, when all data is used, there will be 2 cases:

  1. You will not be able to access the internet anymore, you need to buy extra data packages and wait for a new cycle (for example, you buy the package weekly but you have used up the data in 5 days then you have to wait another 2 days more to get all data of the package)
  2. You still have access to the internet and it will be deducted from your remaining account. For example, your account has VND 100,000, you register a data package of VND 70,000, you have 30,000 remaining then it will be deducted from this account -> you should not buy a package like this, ask the store staff carefully

Vinaphone internet package

With the below packages, you will pay prepaid SIM fee + internet package registration fee

For example: register Max package, the total fee is: 50,000 (prepaid SIM fee) + 70,000 (Max package fee) = VND 120,000

Out of high speed data stop 3G network access
as above
D5K500MB/day5.000đas above
DT20 1 GB/week20.000đOut of data high speed charges incurred charges 75đ / 50kb.
M10200 MB/month10.000đAfter using up the high-speed data of the network, the carrier will charge the fee out of the package for 25 VND / 50KB.

These are suitable packages for customers with moderate Internet access and only use for a certain period of time
M25600 MB/month25.000đas above
M50 1.2 GB/month50.000đas above
MAX3.8GB/month70.000đWhen using up high-speed data preferences, you can still access the internet at a lower speed
MAX1005.8GB/month100.000đas above
MAX20015GB/month200.000đas above
MAX30030GB/month300.000đas above
BIG704.8GB/month70.000đAfter using all the preferred data capacity of the package, the system will automatically disconnect. In order to continue accessing the Internet you need to renew the package or buy more space
BIG907GB/month90.000đas above
as above
BIG20022GB/month200.000đas above
BIG30036GB/month300.000đas above

How to register a package:

Text with content: Dk Package_name -> send to 888

For example, registering the package Max then texting: Dk max -> send to 888

Viettel internet package

MI10D1 GB/day10.000đ
MI7D700 MB/day7.000đ
MI5D500 MB/day5.000đ
MI20T600 MB/week20.000đOut of data high speed charges incurred charges 25đ/50kb
MIMAX703 GB/month70.000đWhen using up high-speed data preferences, you can still access the internet at a lower speed
MIMAX905 GB/month90.000đas above
MIMAX1258 GB/month125.000đas above
MIMAX20015 GB/month200.000đas above
UMAX30030 GB/month300.000đas above
V30K200MB + 100p/month30.000đp = preferential minutes to call subscribers in Vietnam territory
V70K400MB + 250p/month70.000đ
V90K1GB + 300p/month90.000đ
V120K1.5GB + 400p/month120.000đ
V150K2.5GB + 500p/month150.000đ
V200K3.5GB + 100p/month200.000đ

How to register a package:

Text with content: Package_name -> send to 191

For example, registering the package DMax then texting: Dmax -> send to 191

Mobifone internet package

Package_nameDataPricecharge when using up the package capacity
D51 GB/day5.000đ75đ/50Kb
D7 1,2GB/day7.000đ
MIU3.8 GB/month70.000đ
MIU905.5 GB/month90.000đ
BMIU16.5 GB/month200.000đ
M1050 MB/month10.000đ
M25150 MB/month25.000đ
M50450 MB/month50.000đ
M703.8 GB/month70.000đ
M905.5 GB/month90.000đ
M1208.8 GB/month120.000đ
M20016.5 GB/month200.000đ

How to register a package:

Text with content: Dk Package_name -> send to 999

For example, registering the package MIU90 then texting: Dk MIU90 -> send to 999


Sim card in vietnam for tourist

Phone companies also designed their own sim package for foreigners with a common name: Vietnam tourist sim card

Vinaphone sim card for tourist

vinaphone sim card
vinaphone sim card

With price: 199.000 VNĐ/sim ,  Vinaphone offers 2 types of packages with the following incentives:

Vietnam prepaid sim card for tourist to CALL

When you own a Tourist SIM to Call, you will receive:

– 20,000 VND in subscription account.

– Receive 50 minutes of international calls and 100 minutes of domestic calls.

– There are 100 SMS internal and external networks in the country.

– Have 1GB / day to access intermet.

The Tourist SIM phone SIM is used within 15 days. After that, the excess charge is calculated at 75 VND / 50KB.

In addition, Vinaphone stated that SIM Tourist SIM phones are called to mobile and fixed countries: South Korea, the US, Canada, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand and call 19 countries fixed: Japan, Taiwan, Argentina, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Newzeland, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Russia, United Kingdom.

Data sim card tourist

When you own Data sim card tourist, customers will receive:

– There are now VND 20,000 in the main account

– Using high-speed data with capacity of 2GB / day for 7 days (exceeding charge of 75d / 50KB package). The duration of using SIM data Internet 3G SIM after activation is 7 days.

Viettel sim card for tourist

viettel sim card
viettel sim card

Viettel also offers 2 types of packages for foreigners:

Tourist Voice Simcard in vietnam

Call Viettel internal network: VND 1,190 / minute

Off-net call: VND 1,390 / minute

Viettel internal network messaging: VND 300 / news

Off-net messaging: 350 VND / news

International messaging: 2,500 VND / news

Tourist Data Simcard in vietnam

Domestic messaging: VND 500 / SMS

International messaging: VND 2,500 / SMS

Fee exceeds data flow: 9.76 VND / 50KB

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