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After the journey to experience interesting things in Ha Long, the last thing you need to pay attention to is halong bay shopping. Shopping in Ha Long is mainly seafood, suitable as gifts for friends and family.

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Shopping in Ha Long
Shopping in Ha Long

Notes when shopping in Ha Long

  1. You should keep in mind the following:
  2. Do not buy seafood that is peddled on the roadside (most of the people in the market sell it to the street and sell it to fishermen but the price is higher than other places).
  3. Do not buy dried seafood at Ha Long night market by selling to foreign tourists, so the price is quite high.
  4. Asking the price before buying any item, you will definitely buy them at a much lower price that the seller made initially.
  5. Careful inspection of bottled water items in Ha Long due to a large part of it is fake
  6. When buying goods, please remember to check the correct weight because most of the scales are not accurate (it is best to bring a 550ml bottle of water to test the weight of the item to see if it is correct).

The prestigious and quality shopping places in Ha Long

Halong Night Market – A rich and cheap shopping spot in Ha Long

Halong bay shopping
Halong bay shopping – Night Market

Address: Bai Chay, Ha Long

Opening hours: 18:00 – early morning the next day

When the sun comes down, the night market in Ha Long is bustling, at this famous shopping market in Ha Long they often sell souvenirs, rare and precious seafood or costumes. Print famous landmarks typical in Ha Long. Coming to this market, you can enjoy shopping with hundreds of rich and diverse items.

Ha Long Market – an attractive shopping destination in Ha Long

Shopping in Ha Long – Halong market


Address: Bach Dang Street, Ha Long City

Opening hours: From 6 am and close at 18:30 daily

The new Ha Long market was built in 2003 and is located on Bach Dang Street and is a favorite shopping spot in Ha Long. The market is often crowded on weekends, where many goods are sold but mostly Chinese goods. At the first floor of the market is a place to sell products such as souvenirs, embroidered paintings, pearls, electronics, and the second floor sells shoes and seafood.

Mong Cai Border Gate Market – The biggest shopping spot in Ha Long

Halong bay shopping – Mong Cai Border Gate Market

Address: 1 Tran Phu, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh

Opening hours: 5:00 am – 19:00 pm

The market is located near Mong Cai border gate, so the products here are extremely rich and diverse, mainly imported goods from China such as clothes, fabrics, electronics, confectionery, fruits … In particular, there are selling herbal medicines prescribed by healers and catching the vessels in place. But the important thing when you shop here is not to buy food, bottled water because the ability to buy fake and poor quality is very high.


What should I buy in Ha Long? HaLong Bay Shopping specialties

Dried squid – Famous specialty Ha Long

Halong bay shopping – Dried squid

Most tourists come to Ha Long to buy ink as a gift for relatives and friends, with reference prices as follows:

  1. Type 1 dried squid (from 6-7 items / kg, ink length from 30-35cm) costs about 700,000 VND / kg
  2. Type 2 dried squid (from 8-9 items / kg, length about 20-25cm) costs about VND 600,000 / kg
  3. Dry type 3 squid (from 14-15 items / kg) costs about 500,000VND / kg

When buying dried squid, you should choose the straight squid, you are thick, bright pink, you don’t feel wet, your head is full of whiskers when it is delicious ink. You should avoid buying red ink spots, light-colored ink, body with lymph nodes, black ink tails because most of them are poor quality ink or dead ink to dry.

Sa sung dry

A special gift of Ha Long Sa Sung here has a price not cheap, ranging from 4 to 5 million VND / kg. When you buy, remember to choose your thick white ivory with a length of 7 – 15cm is the most beautiful. Dried Sa Sung is mainly processed by roasting until golden ripe, and aroma is edible. The taste of this unique dish certainly makes you unforgettable.

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Grilled squid – The most famous specialty in Ha Long

You may not be too familiar with a famous dish named Ha Long’s best specialty that is squid. The squid here is pounded by hand, so it ensures the crispness and sweetness of the meat. When buying this ink, you should go to reputable stores here such as: La Hien (Cai Dam market), Kim Thoa store, Hoai Phuong (Ha Long market 1) … And the usual price for a kilo of squid is from 350,000 – 500,000 VND, 1kg is about 30-32 pieces.

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