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In the list of delicious Sweet gruel in Hanoi, Rice Sweet gruel Madam Thin is more special evaluation. Rice Sweet gruel Shop has been 80 years, experiencing many incidents of human life.


History of Rice Sweet gruel Madam Thin

Rice Sweet gruel Madam Thin
Giang is grandchild of Madam Thin. She sell now

Derived from the gifts of all kinds of go round the old town from the 30s of the last century of her grandmother, to the 80s, Rice Sweet gruel Madam Thin on the street. In the past, Shop was found on 93 Hang Bo Street, but for several years now, the shop has found a new place in the middle of Bat Dan – Hang Bo – Thao Bac – Hang Thiec crossroads (exactly 1 Bat Dan)


Space of Rice Sweet gruel Madam Thin Shop

The shop area is quite small just stalls, most people come to eat sitting on the sidewalk with the small red chairs are very versatile as both the chair and table.

Despite the small size but the car stitch is always staffed attention and guarantee for guests. People come to just pick the place and order, less than 2 minutes later, the Rice Sweet gruel bowl is warm yellow, there is warm in front.


Open time

Sale year round. A bowl of Rice Sweet gruel is very popular, only 15,000-25,000. Open from 7:30 to 22:30.

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Some kind of Rice Sweet gruel

Rice Sweet gruel
Rice Ball Sweet Soup


Summer has  sweet lotus bean, Sweet green bean grue, sweet black bean tea, jasmine

In the winter, there are lotus seeds, green beans, cilantro, bergamot, green tea, bee tea, fried rice and Rice Ball Sweet Soup.

The last days of Fall brings a cold and rain down like this, rice sticks sticky rice sticky rice with sticky sweetness of sweet glutinous rice, warm sweet taste of hot water is loved by everyone. .

Madam Thin Rice Sweet gruel tea many years still loyal to the type of tea is very northern: sweet lotus bean, Sweet green bean grue, sweet black bean tea . Green peas, yellow pea seeds, Lotus seeds, but still retain the round shape. They also made peanut candy, fried noodles, ready-made bee tea ready for buyers.

The sweetness of the Rice Sweet gruel must match the bar, raw materials must be carefully selected. Winter Rice Sweet gruel is always placed on a kitchen for hot and hot. Where to eat, the new owner to do it, always feel like spoon sticky crumpled to the mouth broken into the smell of green beans, new sticky smell …

Rice Sweet gruel

Sweet gruel
sweet lotus bean

Sticky here is cooked very smart, in addition to plasticity, fragrant yellow eyes,  sticky but not leave the grain, eat any piece must also “noddle” that piece. The soft, sweet taste of the Rice Sweet gruel is like sweet wave, sweet. Although this dish is a bit sweet, but eat very delicious, warm sound with the smell of ginger, sticky rice.

One day Giang’s shop can sell up to 20 baskets. Those who eat at the bar always scoop into the bowl of her Rice Sweet gruel, flower Rice Sweet gruel for guests. Buy sticky rice, then sticky rice is up, depending on how many people buy the bowl.

There is no official survey to determine the delicious Rice Sweet gruel is the largest restaurant in Hanoi, but rarely anyone would like to eat Rice Sweet gruel in Ha Noi land without knowing about Rice Sweet gruel. And rarely come across Mrs. Thin Rice Sweet gruel but see with the guests.

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