History of “Quan Chuong” Door on Hang Chieu Street

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Hanoi Walking tours in Hang Chieu Street.  Asking for things to do in hanoi?Visiting ” Quan Chuong door ” witness history of
Hanoi. The old name of Hang Chieu is Rue Jean Dupuis, the Name forgetful of hanoi street

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Geographical location

Hang Chieu Street is a small street in the “Hanoi 36 Ward” in the area of Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. 275m long, located in the area of Dong Xuan Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. The street from Quan Chuong gate to Hang Tuong – Dong Xuan intersection. There are 3 bays to Hang Chieu from the O Quan Chuong O Quan Chuong, Thanh Ha and Dao Duy Tu. The other three are Hang Duong, Dong Xuan and Hang Ma. The street cuts through Nguyen Thien Thuat and Hang Giay streets. On the street there is a turn into Dong Xuan Lane, through to Cau Dong Street.

History of Hang Chieu street

Hang Chieu Street
Hanoi Walking tours in Hang Chieu Street

In France Belong, the street was named (Rue Jean Dupuis), which specialized in ammunition for the French military. This was the first street of French colonial intention to expand after the capture of Hanoi in 1883. In 1888, the colonial fire burned the entire block. Then they occupy the land to open the store, the street residents have to buy brick building western style, if they do not have money they buy cheap. The street has sidewalks, trees, lampposts like France. This is the first street in Hanoi with Western architecture so people called New Street

Quan Chuong door (Appropriately)

Hanoi Walking tours
Quan Chuong Door – a Hanoi Walking tours

Unique features in Hang Chieu street, attached to the site of  Quan Chuong Door, the only remaining cell in 20 cell gate in Hanoi. The gate has three gates, such as the gates of the city, which are of high stairs, built of reddish brown bricks, including the stone stele of the Governor Hoang Dieu set up in 1882 prohibits soldiers from harassing people at all times. come here to go to Thanh.

The door of the monastery was built in 1749, during the reign of King Le Hien Tong. The first name of the gate is Dong Ha Mon (3 letters above the gate) because it was built in Dong Ha village. The name of Quan Chuong was set aside to commemorate the merits and sacrifices of a chief. He was joined by 100 Nguyen soldiers who were determined to fight against the French as they advanced to Hanoi on November 20, 1873, at this gate.

Previously known as Hang Chieu Street, it used to be the present-day Quan Chuong Door, where there are many shops selling sedge beds near the river. Later, the shops shopped back into the streets of Hang Chieu. Today, the street still retains the traditional beauty of the projector.

What does Hang chieu street now sale?

Rue Jean Dupuis
Hang Chieu have even name ” Rue Jean Dupuis “

At present, Hang Chieu Street sells mainly plastic products, plastic bags, polished bags, adhesive tapes, canvas, woolen carpet, pajamas and still sells. Wholesaling these products with lots of designs as well as diversified prices.

Hanoi Walking tours in Phung Hung Street

Cuisine near the attorney general

quan chuong door
Asking for things to do in hanoi ? visit one of history Hanoi street

Where there are markets, there are good restaurants. And Hang Chieu Street in Hanoi is no exception. To talk about the food that makes up the brand of this street, we can not mention it

  • Hang Chieu noodle, selling from 3h to 7am at the intersection of Hang Duong – Hang Chieu – 40k / bowl
  • Binh Tay noodle soup – 54 Hang Chieu, Hoan Kiem, or No 9 Hang Chieu with distinct flavor
  • Red Shrimp Sauce in Hai Phong 70 Hang Chieu has been sold for 70 years
  • Fried Rice Don Tuyet Fat 1k / 1
  • Tea of Thuy – 48 50 Hang Chieu, good and full of food

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