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Huyen Anh Porridge recipe is The name is no stranger to Hanoi diners. Porridge Rice Vietnam is Enjoyed in the freezing cold weather is a great experience!


Address / space of Porridge Rice Vietnam

Porridge recipe
Congee is quite suitable for winter Hanoi

Located at 14 Dong Xuan Street, Hoan Kiem District (opposite Dong Xuan Market) is the first base of Huyen Anh Porridge recipe. Shop has been present 7-8 years in Hanoi. Huyen Anh is also the name of the woman who “created” the attractive porridge. No signage, no roof, no luxury seats, not even have a table, guests still eat a lot. People just need a tray, put porridge up, put on a high plastic chair and sit in the lower plastic chairs, enough to have a comfortable seat and peace of mind porridge bowl.

The interesting thing is that the restaurant served until 2am (start at 18h), so any diners who come home late can also enjoy the ribs.

>Second Facility at 4 Hang Vai


Featured of Huyen Anh Porridge recipe

Porridge Rice Vietnam
Huyen Anh Congee is always crowded both East and Summer

Congee here is cooked properly porridge for children, cooked with rice flour (rice flour), not rice grain.Muscle flour as white, milk-like, thick, smooth, filled with mouth bowl Wide with fragrant cartilaginous fragrance, taste, smell characteristic. There are also sprinkles on the top with fine fibers, cotton and very fragrant. The accompanying food includes crumbs, spices, pepper spices.

In addition to the Congee, the restaurant also added water such as milk, beans, ice water, ice tea …

Rice Sweet gruel Madam Thin

Although Huyen Anh Porridge recipe is suitable for winter food but open all year round and the summer is still crowded.

Keepmoving had the opportunity to enjoy the Porridge Rice Vietnam, and the most unexpected thing was that when they saw the Team, Huyen Anh was … free of charge for all of them, so they had just eaten for free.

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