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Speaking of “Vietnamese delivery near me“, people certainly will mention Pho Roll (Pho near me at Ngu Xa Street)  the convergence quintessence of dishes made from “Pho Restaurant near me” for many years. Around Ngu Xa village now It is impossible to count exactly how many good restaurants sell noodles. If you still “confused” do not know which “Vietnamese restaurant near me” , I will recommend you the “best Pho Places near me“, attracting the most customers, it is Pho cuon Hung Ben


Pho near me

Only Hung Ben Restaurant (vietnamese food near me) made quite good hands, noodles soft but tough, when Rolling is not torn, beef is always fresh fried meat, hot so that the time to eat pho but cool aroma still. People like to eat this restaurant is probably due to the sauce phase is very mouth, style of service is “pro”, plus the Owner is Quite Good. Because of the advantages of this restaurant is “voted” the most

In addition, the restaurant also has a variety of other dishes such as fried noodle soup, fried egg noodle, soft pho noodles, sour pho 

Pho near me
Want to Know “Pho near me” ?go to Hung ben Restaurant (image: @phuonganh_pham)

The dishes of the Pho Roll turned white, the smell of beef attractive to attract customers, when eating the sauce of sweet and sour sweet acorns and a few slices of papaya salad.

The best vietnamese food – Pho Cuon Hung Ben has full meat, use with fish sauce is “standard”. Phở fried pork is crispy, but by soaking oil and grease should eat a few chopsticks will be slightly bored. Other quality dishes are not too good but enough to make you full stomach.

Pho Places near me
Finding best Pho Places near me? Go to Ngu Xa Street (image: )@hongtamtruong

Pho Restaurant near me

Pho Hung Ben is one of  vietnamese street food easy to eat without bored. You can choose two more “incurred” is fried noodles and fried egg noodle to spoil the enjoyment. How to make a noodle soup? The chef took the shape of a bag of fried noodles in a frying pan in addition to the fried noodles with fried eggs, which looked very attractive.

The fried rice noodle soup is covered with rolling sauteed beef, seasoned with little pepper and sour sauce. When enjoying, crispy fried noodles crispy in the mouth, plus the greasy flavor of eggs added a little fried beef and green papaya diner.


Pho Restaurant near me
Now, you known “Pho Restaurant near me”

> Vietnamese Grilled Meat

However, the restaurant still has a few points except that sometimes the sauce is slightly over the hand, salty compared to the taste of some customers and meat in the noodle rolls sometimes somewhat longer than other days. Regular visitors crowded so you will have to wait and order the dishes take a long time.

Besides this address, want to enjoy “Pho near me” you can try Pho West Lake to offer more objective options. Wish you delicious!

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