Stuffed sticky rice balls uncle Pham Bang

Pham Bang Stuffed sticky rice balls is familiar with Hanoi diners. Pham Bang’s traditional Dishmaking method makes it a special tea to eat in winter Hanoi


Stuffed sticky rice balls vietnam

Stuffed sticky rice balls

On the occasion of the Cold New Year, on the third lunar year, Vietnamese people often have the tradition of offering ancestors Stuffed sticky rice balls, vegetarian. Stuffed sticky rice balls Vietnam driftwood dribbled with sugar, molasses, cooked in water and then picked out, let cool, eat dry. Unlike Chinese, the drum rollers are more sophisticated, are eaten with sugar added a little bit of ginger and coconut, point to add some peanuts and coconut fat fat.


Pham Bang Stuffed sticky rice balls hanoi

Pham Bang Stuffed sticky rice balls

It seems that in Hanoi, good food is not only in quality, taste, but also in the leisurely man sitting on the sidewalk, streets, watching people directly kneading cake, watching the stream pass , the gray color of the day. With the Trang An people, it seems that the taste of the new dish is interspersed with the charming scene, so the new becomes more sophisticated, perfect, and the Stuffed sticky rice balls hanoi bakery at 30 Hang Giay by Pham Bang is a bakery like that

Talk about the ingredients to make this delicate Stuffed sticky rice balls hanoi, the real simple and easy to prepare, including: glutinous rice, green beans, black sesame, old ginger, sugar. A bowl of drifting Pham Bang ship usually has 2 tablets, round cake is green beans, the cake is long black sesame seeds; One round, one oval, chan is the sugar aromatic smell ginger, spicy warm spicy.

The gourmets said that what makes the core of the dish is not much in the bread, but is focused on sugar water, mixed in spicy ginger

The restaurant is open from 15h30 to 22h30 and  dishes cost VND 20,000 / bowl

Stuffed sticky rice balls vietnam

The Keepmoving Group has come here to enjoy this amazing Pham Bang Stuffed sticky rice balls. 

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