4 ways to travel to Ha Long bay

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Way to travel to Halong  is the question of all traveler. This post is about how to travel to halong from Hanoi. Other locations need to move to Hanoi before reading ^^. Ahh, it is also about how to travel in halong

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how to travel to halong from Hanoi
how to travel to halong from Hanoi?


By motorbike

Way to travel to Halong
Way to travel to Halong

There are 2 routes that can move to halong from hanoi, basically going through Hanoi – Bac Ninh – Ha Long:

Route 1: 155 km. This is the shortest way to travel to halong from hanoi, traveling by motorbike from about 3 hours, the journey is as follows:

– Hanoi by route 5 – Sai Dong fork: 10 km.

– Sai Dong follows road 1 – Bac Ninh: 23 km.

– From Bac Ninh along road 18 – Pha Lai- Chi Linh – Dong Trieu – Uong Bi – Ha Long: 122 km.

Route 2: 160 km.

– Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi) follows Noi Bai – Bac Ninh (32km) road to Bac Ninh.

– Connect to National Highway 18a via Pha Lai, Sao Do and Dong Trieu, and Drink Bi to Ha Long.

Some notes when move to halong by motorbike safely and avoid speed shooting:

  1. The section from Noi Bai turn road to Bac Ninh – Lang Son highway: pay attention when turning lanes.
  2. Bac Ninh – Pha Lai: Going at the speed of 50km / h in the inner city, paying attention to the solid lines in the Industrial zones …
  3. Red Star Paragraph: Has a speed shot + overrides (through a very narrow road … with a solid line.)
  4. The section near the pine forest (…) limits the speed to 40 km / h.
  5. Weighing station before Tuan Chau door limits speed.
  6. Ha Noi – Road 5: Passing the densely populated areas at the right speed = 50km / h.
  7. From Quan Gieng to – Uong Bi: the inner part near Quan Goi has a speed shot.

Buy motorbike for traveling in Vietnam

Go by bus

travel to halong

Tourists can go to big car firms concentrated in My Dinh bus station, the first trip departs at 6:00 am and the last at 17:00 pm (the journey takes 4-5 hours). Buses are 5 to 15 minutes apart from Bai Chay bus station in Ha Long, Quang Ninh province. Car fares range from VND 100,000 / person to 200.000 VND / person.

However, at present, many motor houses have opened 9-seat limousine service with spacious and comfortable seats and go to Hanoi – Hai Phong highway to shorten the travel time to only about 3 Hours (move to halong from hanoi)

Some cars serve at My Dinh bus station:



SCHEDULE: Ha Tu – Column 8 – Nguyen Van Cu – Cao Thang – Bai Chay Bus Station – Tp Uong Bi – Mao Khe Town – Dong Trieu Town – Bac Ninh – Thang Long Bridge – My Dinh Bus Station

Departure time: My Dinh (5h45-6h15-6h45-7h15-8h15-9h15-9h45-10h15-10h45-11h15-11h45-12h15-12h45-13h15-13h45-14h-14:45-15h45-16h-16-1645-17h15-17h45 ) Bai Chay (5h45-6h15-6h45-7h15-7h45-8h15-8h45-9h15-9h45-12h15-12h45-13h15-13h45-14h45-15h15-15h45-16h15-16h45)

Address: Updating

Phone: 02033663366 – Bai Chay 0978 627619 My Dinh 0912 069739


SCHEDULE:Hanoi – Cua Ong

Departure time:Giap Bat (16:15) Cua Ong (8:15)

Address:Group 14, Zone 4, Hùng Thắng Ward, Hạ Long, Quảng Ninh

Phone:0913 266 197 – 0203 3710 343


SCHEDULE:Hanoi – Cam Pha

Departure time:Cam Pha (3h20, 5:30) Luong Yen (11h30, 12:15)


Phone:(0203) 3723969 – (0203) 3935935 – 0915 446929) Vehicle 14N-9056 (0203 3710343 – (0203) 3935935 – 0913 266197 – 0915 374888)


SCHEDULE:Hanoi – Cua Ong

Departure time:Cua Ong (7h15) Giap Bat (14h40)


Phone:038 3292559


SCHEDULE:Hanoi – Mong Cai

Departure time:My Dinh (19h00, 19h30, 20h30, 21h30) Mong Cai (18h00, 19h00, 19h30, 22h00, 22h40)


Phone:0989 158388 – 0986 763222


SCHEDULE:Hanoi – Tien Yen

Departure time:Gia Lam (10h00) Tien Yen (3h15)


Phone:(0203) 3741879 – 083 2288389



how to travel to halong

There is a daily train running from Yen Vien station to Ha Long station, however this train is a market train (only hard seats) and travel time is very long (7-8 hours for the distance range 170km), with a price of about 100,000 VND / way / person, not to mention going to the station, you have to take a quite far taxi to the city center.

Therefore, the plan to take a train to Ha Long is probably only suitable for those who have a lot of time and are curious about trying a different feeling.


travel to halong from hanoi

Currently in addition to the usual means of transportation, Way to travel to Halong from Hanoi also have new options with modern and luxurious seaplane of Hai Au Airlines.

The plane with 2 seats for pilots, 12 seats for passengers and spacious windows, not only helps visitors save travel time, but also helps you to comfortably enjoy the beautiful view from the plane, such as recording memorable moments of Ha Long Bay from a height of 150 to 3,000 m above sea level.

Everyday there are 2 departures move to Ha Long from Hanoi (At Noi Bai Airport – Hai Au airline) in the morning and afternoon. Flight time is about 45 minutes and aircraft landed at Tuan Chau port. If you have additional flight registration services, the time will be extended to 1 hour (45 minutes flying to Ha Long and 15 minutes from the bay)

To book airplanes, you can visit website: seaplanes.vn




Taxi travel in the city has firms such as:

Taxi 886 - Mai Cai0203 3886 886Ha Long0203 362 62 62
Hong Gai0203 384 84 84Mai Linh0203 3628 628
Thanh Cong0203. 3659659Thinh Hung0203. 3616161
Morning Star0203. 3822822Northeast0203.3828282
Quang Ninh0203. 3656656Bai Chay0203. 3646464



Bus routes run within Quang Ninh province:

Bus route number Roadmap
01 Bai Chay Moi Bus Station – Clock Tower – Kenh Liem Bridge – Column 8 – Ha Tu – Cam Pha – Cua Ong – Cai Rong Town – Bai Dai Van Don District
03 Old Hon Gai Bus Station – Kinh Liem Bridge – Loong Toi Crossroads – Bai Chay Bridge – Crossroads of Cai Lan Port – Bai Chay Tourist Area (Ha Long Road) – Cai Dam – Crossroads of fish ponds – Bai Bus Station Fire – Troi Town – Ba Tan Bridge
06 Red slope Uong Bi – Nơ thi Uông Bí – Uong Bí Clock Column – Vang Danh
07 Km15 Mong Cai City – Inner Town of Mong Cai City – Tra Co – Vinh Thuan Golf Course
08 Dong Trieu Bus Station – Noi thi Uong Bi – National Road 18A – Bai Chay Bridge – Ha Long City – Ha Tu
10 Hon Gai Bus Station – Loong Toong crossroads – Sa To Market – Cau Bang – Mong Duong 3 crossroads – Thi Tran Tro – Open vocational college – People’s Committee of Le Loi – Hoanh Bo brick factory
11 Bai Chay – Dai Yen Bus Station – km 11 – National Highway 10B – Quang Yen Town – Forest Ferry Terminal

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If you go with many people, you should take the initiative to hire a boat to visit the bay, usually the ship will also serve your meal right on the train if you have a need. Boat rental prices are also available in different types, ranging from 700.000 -2.000.000 VNĐ for 1 hour of operation.

If you go separately (1 person), you can join together for about 150.000/ 1 guest, however, the graft ship usually only follows the 4-hour route, not the 6-8 hour train.

You can rent a boat to visit Ha Long Bay at the following two ports:

– Tuan Chau international port (Tel: 033.3842134)

– Hon Gai Port Vinashin (Tel: 033.3628234)

Some Boat tourist transport business companies on Ha Long Bay:

Bhaya Yacht Company Limited30 Anh Dao, Bai Chay, Ha Long, Quang Ninh0203. 3844 699
Hai Long PT Development Company Limited32 Anh Dao, Tp. Ha Long, Quang Ninh0203. 3846 099; Fax: 0203. 3845 704
Indochina Cruise Joint Stock Company4th Floor, No. 88 Le Thanh Tong, Ha Long, Quang Ninh0203 6250 475; Fax: 0203. 6250 474
Cong Nghia DL Co., Ltd No. 423 Le Loi, Group 14A, Zone 3, Yet Kieu, Ha Long, Quang Ninh0203. 382 7764
VCK Bai Tho Company Limited11 Le Quy Don, Bach Dang, Ha Long, Quanh Ninh0203. 3826 898 - 3525 998; Fax: (84 203) 3625 709
Ha Long Bien Ngoc Company Limitedhouse 9, zone 6, Bai Chay, Ha Long, Quang Ninh0203.384.9681; Fax: 0203.384.9694
Kim Hang Trading and Service Co., Ltd.Dong Hung Thang, TP. Ha Long, Quang Ninh0203. 3846809
Huong Hai Company LimitedNo. 1, Vuon Dao, Bai Chay, Ha Long, Quang Ninh0203. 3845 042; Fax: 0203. 3846 263
Ha Long Trading and Service Company Limited22 lot C, Villas area of ​​Vuon Vuon, Cai Dam, Bai Chay, Ha Long, Quang Ninh0203. 3515 499; Fax: 0203. 3515 499

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