1000 snacks in Hanoi food festival

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1000 snacks fill up Food truck in street food festival.There are many Food stall include Chinese, Thai and Indian Food delivery. Street food catering of Street food Vietnam is the Best street food in the world.

street food festival
street food festival


Hanoi street food festival 2018

The theme: Street food catering

Duration: 21 – 23.09.2018

Venue: Van Ho Exhibition Center, 2 Hoa Lu, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Directions to Van Ho Exhibition Center

Admission: Free


Festival of Street food Vietnam

Summer has come !! Enjoy the delicious food from Sai Gon, Thailand, Korea, Japan, India, .. will take place at Van Ho Exhibition Center, street food festival with Best street food will ensure that your belly is full of hiccups.

Street food catering that take place from 21 to 23.09.2018 in addition to the attractive dishes, you walk around the shopping with more than 100 fashion brands and a virtual “PhotoBooth” live area is set. beautifully for you check-in spoiled them on Facebook or Instagram.

Street food Vietnam 2018 is not only a cultural event at the weekend in Hanoi but also a place where you gather to play summer, shopping and you will be like in “heaven beneath heaven “Has the aroma of Best street food, has the most fashionable costumes and has the most sparkling pictures.

Lunch at the utility supermarket

The best Street food catering

Street food catering
oak fruit, dried fruit
Street food Vietnam
Ho Tay shrimp cake, rice cake, sticky rice cake, pho rolls
Best street food
Grilled quail eggs
Food truck
Korean food such as fried chicken with sweet spicy sauce, kimbap, spicy rice cakes, grilled fish cakes, grilled skewers …
Food stall
Crispy spicy octopus, sliced barbecue delicious
Indian Food delivery
Rice mixed pudding, one of the specialty street of Saigon
Thai Food delivery
Donuts in the Japanese manga Doremon
Chines Food delivery
Thai Roll Cream, Korean Fish Cream
guava, mango, grapes, mint … just delicious, just cool

 The Keepmoving team has experienced the food here, let’s count 1000 previews. 

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