Halong Street Food

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In addition to the beautiful scenery, Halong bay food is indispensable. Find out about special Halong food as well as Ha long street food, Halong sea food here.

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Halong bay food
Halong bay food

Delicious dishes of Halong food

White squid

Halong food
Halong food

White sauce made from new sticky plastic glutinous rice, served with golden curry rolls, dipping delicious pepper sauce. Squid can also be purchased at a price of about 250,000 VND / kg.

Price: 15,000 to 20,000 VND

Squid rolls

Meat rolls with mushrooms, ear fungus, fragrant aroma and onion, accompanied by specialties of Ha Long squid to create an unforgettable taste. Enjoying places: In Ha Long city, there is a street block specializing in making squid rolls at Bach Dang cinema

“Ngán” dish

Ha long street food
Ha long street food

It is a clam bivalve mollusk, which can be processed in many ways: grilled, steamed, porridge, fried with noodles or vegetables. It can also be used as a wine. The wine has a very distinct aroma of the sea. Enjoying places: Restaurants and eateries in Ha Long have bored dishes. Want to buy boredom or alcohol, tourists can go to the road and Cai Ram market, Vuon Dao will have a lot

“Sá sùng”

Peanut worms are also called deep sand, a type of seafood that is probably only available in Ha Long. Stir-fried peanuts with garlic need to make a delicious dish. Sa Sung is dried, dark in color, baked or roasted, crunchy, fleshy to drink alcohol, especially as a spice for pho broth

Price: 4 million VNĐ/kg

Sea Sam

Halong sea food
Halong sea food

Another extremely attractive specialty of Ha Long beach is sam – a species of arthropod. From the sea, it is possible to process a lot of different delicious and strange dishes such as sam soup, sam salad, stir-fried samsara, stir-fried sam chilli, crispy fried egg, stir-fried sam egg with lilies , steamed sam, fried dumplings, roasted cartilage, stir-fried sam vermicelli. Enjoyable places: If you want to enjoy good food, you should visit Gieng Don or Cao Xanh streets

Cake “nodding”

How to make the cake nod in form like how to make rolls. When dipping a piece of cake into a cup of special sauce with a dish of humiliation (stew), carefully marinated. The most famous nodding cake is in Tien Yen. However, throughout the regions of Quang Ninh, it is possible to find both this delicious and unique nodule cake.

Cà sáy Tien Vien

Ha long food
Ha long food

Cà Sáy is a hybrid duck, flavored both and through the hands of Tien Yen people become more delicious. The Tien Yen people made cassava meat, processing its specialty sauce completely. A fragrant sauce with the flavor of Cai Rong, Van Yen and Cat Hai fish sauce has the sweet and sweet taste of Quang Tay Peppermint with the sweet spicy taste of Ginger Tien Yen grown on the land of your home town


porridge is a very popular snack in Ha Long, served with green onion, chopped train stew, dried onions and very fragrant onions. The location of the delicious porridge that you should eat is in Ha Long market 1

Price: 15,000 – 20,000 VND

Fried snail

Stir fry together with soy sauce, lemongrass, tamarind sauce, coconut … very delicious and addictive for everyone. In Ha Long, there are many types of snails for you to choose, the most popular is the snail, the snail, the snail .


Good Area for Ha long street food

Halong sea food
Halong sea food


Location description
Enjoy seafood on board during bay tours Besides admiring the magnificent views of Ha Long Bay, you can go on luxury yachts and enjoy delicious seafood here. Depending on the tour price, you can enjoy any kind of specialties. The main seafood dishes such as clam, stir-fried squid, grilled comedy, … prices range from 120-200k / person
Delicious seafood at the eating places in Vuon Dao area This is considered a paradise of fresh seafood. Seafood prices are quite expensive here, remember to ask the price before ordering. Some restaurants suggest:
– Vietnam – Ha Long Restaurant – Address: Bai Chay, Tp. Ha Long – Prices range from: 130,000 VND – 330,000 VND
– Thuy Chung Seafood – Address: No. 4 Cai Dam, Bai Chay Ward, Tp. Ha Long.
Cheap seafood at Cai Dam market In general, the food here is fresh and hygienic. Besides enjoying the familiar seafood dishes such as shrimp, crab, squid … you can also enjoy the delicious and unique snail dishes such as snail, prickly snail, suckling snail, red snail lip …
Enjoy rustic seafood in Ben Doan area.
eat seafood on “raft” The interesting thing about enjoying seafood is that you can choose fresh seafood that is being kept in sea cages. Then the restaurant will process it according to your requirements. The difference is that a meal here will cost more than other places.
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