Halong bay day trip

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Above are  full 8 tips when traveling Halong. Here are the recommended Halong bay cruise. It all depends on your time, money and desire. Wish you have a Good Halong bay day trip

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Halong bay day trip
halong bay trip

Halong bay 1 day tour

With a one-day program, it’s best to buy a tour for convenient travel. Because the distance between Hanoi and Ha Long is far away (more than 170km), it will be exhausting for you to drive yourself or take a bus. But if you still want to go on your own, refer to my following schedule.

7:00: depart from Hanoi, go to National Highway 5, then change direction to Bac Ninh (National Highway 1), continue to cheap to Highway 18 to Pha Lai, Dong Trieu, Uong Bi and Ha Long. On the way you can stop at roadside break points. Can eat breakfast in Sao Do – Hai Duong.

11:30: Arrive at Bai Chay tourist port – Ha Long. After buying the ticket to go to route 1, the time is 4 hours (because it is a 4-hour trip to Hanoi, it is not late). You board a cruise ship, visit Ha Long Bay, on the way you will have lunch on board.

13:30: the ship docked on the island. You visit Thien Cung cave – Wood head. These are 2 beautiful caves adjacent to each other.

14h30: The train continues to take you through Ba Hang fishing village, on the way you can see some of the dogs are shaped dogs – Dog Rock, peak incense picture – Dinh Huong Island. Ba Hang fishing village consists of many families living on the surface of the sea, working year round to cultivate seafood. In the free time, ordinary people participate in providing some services to tourists such as boating to take tourists to visit the cave, sell fruits, etc. If you like, you can also explore the fishing village by rowing. Kayak boat around the fishing village, boat trip to visit 3 caves on the sea.

15h30: the boat goes through Ga Choi Island, round the caves, back to the harbor at 16h10. End of the tour of Ha Long Bay.

16h20: depart back to Hanoi, about 20h20 you arrive in Hanoi


  1. With a one-day schedule, if you go to a group, you should contact to rent a private boat for comfort.
  2. If traveling a few people, you can buy the ticket yourself and contact the train ticket to visit the Bay. During the tourist season (summer), there is a lot of difficulty in getting a train. But if you go in the absence season, the ticket may be more expensive, the train is usually late because of waiting for new customers to run, etc.
  3. Should buy tour if you do not have time and go few people


Halong cruise  2 days 1 night

Halong bay cruise
Halong bay cruise

With the 2-days 1-night Halong program, you can choose to stay overnight at the hotel or sleep at night on a cruise ship. If you talk about tour prices, these 2 types of accommodation are similar in price.

  1. If you stay overnight at the hotel, you can go: visit Ha Long Bay according to the 4-hour itinerary (or 6-hour journey) + play at Tuan Chau tourist resort + Ha Long night market.
  2. If you spend the night on a cruise ship: visit Ha Long Bay and enjoy the atmosphere on the Bay all day and night. Relax, relaxing on the Bay. This schedule is usually developed by Tour companies, so there can be many different schedules (for example, a schedule below).

Halong bay trip  2 days 1 night to sleep at the hotel

Day 1:

7:00: depart from Hanoi, go to National Highway 5, then change direction to Bac Ninh (National Highway 1), continue to cheap to Highway 18 to Pha Lai, Dong Trieu, Uong Bi and Ha Long. On the way you can stop at roadside break points. Can eat breakfast in Sao Do – Hai Duong.

11:30: Arrive at the hotel, check in and rest before lunch. You can order meals at the hotel restaurant, or eat out.

13:30: Go to Tuan Chau tourist area. You buy tickets and play the whole afternoon in there. There are many games for young children, see more performances of Dolphins, Sea Lions etc. Afternoon 4h swimming in Tuan Chau beach. So take a bath here, but go back to Bai Chay beach very dirty.

17:00: Return to Bai Chay, prepare dinner and rest.

20:00: walking on the beach, can rent a bicycle to go around. Or go to the beach if you go for a couple, visit the night market and buy some souvenirs.

Day 2: Have breakfast at 6:30. Then prepare your belongings and check out the hotel.

8:00 am: Arrive at the tourist port, take a boat to visit Ha Long Bay. You can choose a 4-hour or 6-hour route. It is possible to order meals on the train or go to the restaurant on the shore (Halong City) for lunch. The schedule of 4 hours you reread above, with a schedule of 6 hours: the boat will take you to visit the Sung Sot Cave first. Then you return to Titov to swim, climb the mountain, play there. On the way back to the port, it is possible to stop at Ga Choi Hon (or stop by).

12:00: If you go 4 hours, return to the Port. Maybe on the way, always have lunch on the boat, or go to a restaurant. With a 6-hour schedule, it’s about 13:30 to arrive at the port.

14h00: board the bus back to Hanoi. End program.

Halong bay day cruise for 2 days to sleep in train

This program will follow the schedule of each different Tour company. But generally the same. Just go to the first point, the next point. You can read the reference to a schedule of Ha Long tour to sleep the ship below.

Day 1:

8:00: comes from Hanoi. On the way, stop in Hai Duong to rest, you can have breakfast or rest at the break.

12:30: Arrive in Ha Long Harbor. You get on the train and check in on the train. After lunch, relax and relax on the deck.

14h30: The train takes you to visit Sung Sot Cave, one of the beautiful and wide caves in Ha Long. You will spend about 45 minutes walking tour. Should wear shoes or sandals when visiting Hang, because there may be water.

15:30: You take a kayaking activity at a certain point on the Bay, depending on the company they set up rowing position. Usually rowing in the fishing village near the Sung Sot Cave. Paddle about 40 minutes.

16:30: you move to Titov Island, where you can swim or climb the mountain. If you go in the winter, climb the mountain, and in the summer, go swimming.

18:00: return to the ship to rest before dinner on board. The night sleep in the ship will not have much activity. Usually relax, watch stars, sing karaoke.

Day 2: get up for breakfast, then prepare your belongings and check out. If your program has Kayak padding on the morning of this 2nd day, you will go rowing early, before breakfast. Come back and have breakfast.

9:30 am: The departure train will return to the port. On the way back, we will visit Ga Choi Island for visitors to watch and take photos.

11:30: Arrive at the port. Some companies have lunch on board. At around 11:00, I ate and ate the train and ran to the Port. There are also a number of companies they organize at the restaurant in Bai Chay. Eating on board will depart to Hanoi sooner.

13:00: The car leaves for Hanoi. Around 17:30 to HN, the tour ends.

Halong bay day trip 3 days 2 nights

halong bay day cruise
halong bay day cruise

Halong bay day trip 1: Hanoi – Ha Long – Cat Ba – Hanoi

This schedule lasts for about 3 days, enough, depending on personal conditions, you can extend the time in Ha Long or Cat Ba.

Day 1: Hanoi – Ha Long

From Hanoi, take a limousine high-class car to Ha Long, go from early in the morning to around noon when you are in Ha Long City.

After checking in, then take a trip to visit Ha Long Bay, there are many tourist routes that you can go grafting. Of course, if the group of friends is crowded, you should take the initiative to hire a boat to make it more convenient and can follow the places you want.

After exploring the bay, you come back to the hotel to rest for the next day.

Day 2: Ha Long – Cat Ba

From Ha Long, you take a high speed train to Cat Ba, there are 2 berths of Gia Luan and Ben Beo, you go to Ben Beo will be closer to Cat Ba island center.

In some cases, there are some tourist boats that can go from Ha Long to Cat Ba, you can find ways to follow this route so you can save time without having to return to shore.

If you bring motorbikes to Ha Long, take a ferry to Cat Ba along Tuan Chau road, bring your car to Cat Ba will be much more convenient to travel to explore the island.

In Cat Ba, there are a number of schedules you can go in the day such as Lan Ha Bay, Viet Hai ancient village, Lien Minh commune, Cat Ba National Park … Details you can see in the article of tourism Cat Mrs.

Evening rent a hotel in Cat Ba to rest. If you go to the tourist season (summer time), you should book in advance, Cat Ba is usually very crowded on this occasion.

Day 3: Cat Ba – Hai Phong – Hanoi

On the last day, if you do not stay in Cat Ba, you can return to Hanoi by buying Hoang Long’s package ticket (including train tickets to return to the mainland) or you can buy high-speed train tickets. Back to Hai Phong then from there to catch a bus from Hai Phong back to Hanoi.

If you go by motorbike, you take a ferry back to Cat Hai, and from Cat Hai, there is a bridge connecting with Hai Phong, and you go straight to Hai Phong and then go back to Hanoi.

Halong bay day trip 2: Hanoi – Ha Long – Mong Cai – Hanoi

Day 1: Hanoi – Ha Long

Depart early from Hanoi to Ha Long, or can ride from the previous night (car to Mong Cai) and then go down to Ha Long for convenience early in the morning.

This day is purely for exploring Ha Long Bay. If you want to go more Sun World Ha Long, it is best to spend an extra day to go comfortably.

Day 2: Ha Long – Mong Cai

From Ha Long to catch a car to Mong Cai, the distance is also nearly 200km, so it takes a few hours to reach Mong Cai.

Check in hotel in Mong Cai and rent taxi to Tra Co beach. If you want more convenience, you should rent a room outside the sea. Bathing in Tra Co beach, checking-in Sa Vy nose, eating sea seafood, evening can visit Mong Cai night market.

This day is devoted entirely to Mong Cai tourism

Day 3: Mong Cai – Hanoi

On the last day, you can take advantage of cross-border procedures (making passports, so go through the travel companies quickly) and then cross the border to play. You can visit Mong Cai market for shopping.

In the evening, getting into the car from Mong Cai to Hanoi, early morning the next morning at the bus station.

This is the last article in the series  Best halong bay cruises .Hope you will have the best experience when traveling Halong. 

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