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Halong bay cruise price and halong luggage are two things you need to prepare. However, some Halong note about culture, customs as well as communication here you should care.

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Halong luggage preparation

Halong luggage
Halong luggage
  1. If going in the summer, Halong is very sunny especially when you go to the bay, so do not forget to bring sunscreen (usually SPF 30 or higher), sunglasses, hat or umbrella. In addition, swimwear, swimming goggles should be prepared for bathing because the rent or purchase of swimwear in Ha Long is very expensive
  2. Bath towel and shawl for girls, Clothes for swimming, Footwear for beach, take it in halong luggage
  3. Personal hygiene items (including: milk, soap, brush, toothpaste, shampoo, toothbrush, razor, waterproof cosmetics … , the hotel has but you want to use it separately?)
  4. Medication: Every trip to wherever you go, you should also prepare some drugs such as: gastrointestinal (in case of eating strange goods); Cold medicine, sore throat, fever; Cream applied by insects; Anti-grip train.
  5. If you are passionate about photography, the camera is indispensable, do not let yourself have to regret for not bringing the camera because it has a beautiful scene.

Halong bay cruise price

Halong bay cruise price
halong bay day trip price

See the table below to estimate how much money you should carry for halong bay day trip price.

activities Estimate the minimum cost
Move From Hanoi to Ha Long VND 240,000 / person / round trip
From Ho chi Minh city to Ha Long VND 2,500,000 / person / round trip
In Ha Long VND 100,000 / day
Sleep Homestay VND 500,000 / day
One-star, two-star hotels VND 150,000 / night
3 star hotel VND 500,000 / night
4 star hotel VND900,000 / night
5 star hotelVND 1,500,000 / night
Eating VND 200,000 / day
Hang out VND 500,000 / day
Other expenses (shopping, gifts, etc.) VND 200,000 / day

Thus, if the formula is applied:

halong bay price = “move + sleep + eat + go + spend”

It is easy to estimate the minimum cost to prepare for halong bay cruise price .

For example, for a 2-day-1-night trip from Hanoi to Ha Long by coach, at a 3-star hotel, the minimum cost estimated by the formula above will be about VND1,740,000 per person for halong bay day trip price

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A few halong note for guests

halong note
halong note
  1. When you purchase you remember to check the weight accuracy because most of the weight is not accurate (it is best to bring a bottle of 550ml water filter to try the weight of the right look offline)
  2. The goods sold to tourists often shouted very high prices so you boldly bid for the item you will buy.
  3. Buy seafood items at the market stalls, as they are clearly listed. Should not buy seafood in the street vendors, because most of the fish market people is fake, the price will be higher than other places.
  4. If you sleep on the boat absolutely no night you can bring food or drinks because you will incur a very expensive service.
  5. Do not throw waste in the tourist area.
  6. You can not swim in the fall or winter because the weather is quite cold .
    Be careful before deciding to buy something on the bay because the price is not cheap and is often pawned. It is best to buy tickets to visit and restrict purchases, meals at sea. For lining, you can carry canned, lightweight food

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