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Ha Long Bay is a small bay on the west coast of the Gulf of Tonkin in the North East Coast of Vietnam.If you intend to come here need to know about ha long bay weatherhalong weather varies with different cycles. Know halong bay climate, you will easily arrange the travel schedule

In 1994, the core zone of Ha Long Bay was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site

ha long bay weather
ha long bay weather

Overview of Ha Long bay

The islands in Ha Long Bay are concentrated in two main areas are southeast of Bai Tu Long Bay and southwest of Ha Long Bay. In total 1969 islands of Ha Long Bay has 1921 islands with many high altitude islands. about 200m.

The islands in Ha Long Bay have their own shapes, unlike any island in Vietnam’s coast and no island-like island. There are places to see the crowd gathered together, but there is also a vertical stand horizontal alternating, forming a line of tens of kilometers as a wall. It is a cosmic world hidden in legendary stone formations.


History of Ha Long bay

halong weather
halong weather in January?

Ha Long Bay was built in the past due to the geological constructions. However, in the mind of the Vietnamese from prehistoric times with folk imagination and the notion of the origin of the Fairy Dragon, some legends suggest that when the newly established Vietnam was invaded by foreign invaders, the Jade Emperor Wrong Mother Dragons bring a flock of baby Dragons down to help the Vietnamese fight the enemy. The boat from the sea rushing to the shore just at the Dragon to the world. The Dragon immediately sprayed the fire to burn the enemy boat, part of the Chau Ngoc stone wall made a horrendous to make the enemy boat crashed to shatter, blocking the progress of the foreign.

After the invasion, see the peaceful earth, the trees are good, the people here hard work, hard, united to help each other, Dragon Mother and Baby Dragon do not return to heaven but stay in the world, where The battle to protect the Dai Viet people forever. Mother Mother landed in Ha Long; where the child drops down is Bai Tu Long and where the flock of white dragging the white flag is White Dragon.

Another myth has it that in a time when the country has foreign invaders, a dragon flew along the river down to the sea and landed in the northeastern coastal area, making it a stepping stone. Naval troops. The dragon-landed shelter for the country is called Ha Long.


Ha long bay weather

halong bay climate
halong bay climate in February?

Ha Long is located in the North, so ha long bay weather will have a typical climate of 4 seasons.

If you travel in Ha Long Bay in June-July, halong weather is often storms to the north. It rains, the scenery on the bay will be more bleak, can be prohibited sea cruise ship to take guests to the bay and night on the bay.

Autumn in Ha Long Bay is very beautiful, time from August to November in Ha Long is always sunny, ha long bay weather is not very cold yet can bathe. This time there are less storms.

Foreign tourists often prefer to go in the winter, starting from November until the Tet Holiday (February). Because winter is their holiday. The rest is scattered all year round.

Avoid going after Tet (March – April). At this time, halong bay climate in the North is very foggy, if you go on the bay that fog will not visit the scenery.

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Should travel Ha Long from May to August, at this summer ha long bay weather should be sunny, suitable for swimming. It is also green in the boat on the bay will also enjoy. And to enjoy the beautiful scenery, it goes in the autumn of August to October

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