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You are finding BBQ Food Street Vietnam?Visit Dac Di Lake and Enjoy national dishes: Grilled Skewers Meat in Vietnam

Places to eat Hanoi BBQ Food Street

Grilled Skewers Meat in Vietnam
Grilled Skewers Meat in Vietnam

You can find a shop of Grilled Skewers Meat  around the school gates at the primary school level 2 or the densely populated markets. Today we will go to one of the places where there are many skewers in Hanoi.

That is the Lake Dac Di area
Open from 3pm until 8pm

Resources of Grilled Skewers Meat in Vietnam

BBQ Food Street vietnam

The ingredients of Grilled Skewers Meat are very simple, including only pork and sauce to marinate meat before baking. But how to choose the meat to taste delicious and the marinated sauce to taste is the secret of each different shop.

In order for the grilled skewers to be soft and not dry, the meat is picked up with bacon or lean shoulder meat. In order to have even fat when grilling, the meat will be soft, moist, not too dry. The piece of meat needs to be cut into pieces, leaving the envelope and then skewering the grill on the charcoal stove that is faned evenly

Sauce to marinate is the soul of this dish. The standard sauce will create a flavorful taste that blends in. Aromatic, sweet, medium-sized. eye-catching form. The meat skewers are baked into finished products with cockroach color, not too burnt and eaten right away when hot with a little chili sauce and pickle to help keep it

Resources of Hanoi Grilled Skewers Meat

Grilled Skewers Meat
Grilled Skewers Meat in Vietnam

In a bowl, mix sliced beef and other ingredients. Marinating Grilled Skewers Meat at least 30 minutes or overnight.

Usually in sauce will include: galangal, discharge, turmeric, sugar, salt, honey, … The sauce is marinated with meat for about 1 hour before being baked. 1 part of the sauce will be scooped up on the skewers when grilled so that the meat will absorb more sauce, while also making the color of the skewer more beautiful

Stuffed sticky rice balls uncle Pham Bang

How to bake BBQ Food Street Vietnam

Hanoi Grilled Skewers Meat
Hanoi Grilled Skewers Meat

– Skewered on bamboo skewers and grilled with medium heat, flipping continuously, until cooked and slightly scorched.

– Note, bamboo skewers must be dipped in water so that when the skewers do not burn, they will not burn

– For delicious meat, you should grill with charcoal. Put meat on a charcoal grill for 8 – 10 minutes

– It is necessary to turn over the meat so that the meat does not burn and ripen evenly

– If desired, apply mayonnaise to the inside of the cake. Covered on that satay, cucumber, and coriander. Squeeze lemon and add soy sauce if you like

Extra food in addition to BBQ Food Street Vietnam

BBQ Food Street vietnam
BBQ Food Street vietnam – The baked honey bread

The baked honey bread is extremely simple. The bread is thinly pressed, the butter inside, the sides of the bee on the sides and grilled on the crispy hot side with the skewers

Hanoi Grilled Skewers Meat  has long been neatly packed in the list of snacks not only from children but also adults, especially student associations, students are very loved and cannot refuse. And right now, watch the video to join us to enjoy this dish and find out why baked skewers are so popular.

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