Disclaiming copyright

Thank you for visiting Website: KeepMovingVn.Com, here is our statement about the copyright of the Videos.

All videos posted on the site are owned by the copyright group #KeepMovingVN, self-made from A-> Z: Screenplay, filming, Film Making. We do not allow individual or other entities to use or infringe copyright in any form (Re-up Videos delete the #KeepMovingVN Logo, use the Videos for commercial purposes …) that without our consent in writing

All of these videos were created by #KeepMovingVN or if the material of other authors is allowed, so we have all the evidence (Original Videos, Project Videos, Audio other author’s permission, etc.) proving the right to use these Videos.

The blog post of the group can use the image search on Google, we commit to write the full source when using image, if the source is wrong, please notify us to correct.

If we find a person / entity that violates our Image Copyright, we will process the following legal process:

1 / We will collect evidence of the breach, determine the extent of damage under the witness of our lawyer attorney, and we also send the dispatch to the host management unit to Assuming that these units support our copyright infringement. If not , we will ask for written commitment and joint sealing of the data or marking used to create legal evidence that these units do not violate or assist the conduct. violate the law, and use these evidences for different legal levels.

2 / We will send documents to individuals / units violating the request to stop violation. This letter is also sent to our law office to monitor the case and coordinate the resolution of the case with us. Within 7 days, if the offending individual / unit fails to stop the violation, we will proceed to step 3 and initiate a lawsuit.

3 / We will send a letter to the management unit of protection of copyright protection to request these agencies to perform legal tasks to identify violations.

– Send documents to all people’s committees of districts, wards and police offices where individuals and organizations infringe copyright (in case individuals / units do business in many locations) to coordinate with These units go to the location of the individual / organization to see the extent of the violation, whether to use counterfeit goods, fake goods, aviation origin and use our image for such goods. , and at what locations. This is the basis of our economic loss and prestige.

– To send official dispatches to the Copyright Office of Vietnam and the National Office of Intellectual Property to verify copyright of our infringing works.

– According to the provisions of the Law on Intellectual Property and Decree 97/2008 / ND-CP on the management, provision and use of Internet services and electronic information on the Internet. the infringement of their copyright , if identified on the website of the violating individuals / organizations, will cause VNNIC – Vietnam Internet Center (the domain name management unit of Vietnam) and the E-Commerce and Information Technology Agency – Ministry of Industry and Trade ( the Internet business operator in Vietnam) prohibits the permanent use of domain names registered for business activities for violating the law and at the same time announcing the widespread violation of the law on the mass media.

Again, we declare that we have all the rights to the copyrights of our product and commit ourselves to use all resources to prevent such infringement. Individuals and organizations who wish to use our Videos are encouraged to contact us directly for specific work and to indicate the source of KeepMoving.Com when sharing content from this site.

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