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Buy motorbike for traveling in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with many beautiful roads. So foreigners want to take the initiative to drive around the regions of Vietnam. buy motorbike in vietnam is a necessity. Below, I wll Introduce the best model vietnam motorbike for sale to travel long distance.

Halong bay day trip

Above are  full 8 tips when traveling Halong. Here are the recommended Halong bay cruise. It all depends on your time, money and desire. Wish you have a Good Halong bay day trip

Shopping in Halong Bay

After the journey to experience interesting things in Ha Long, the last thing you need to pay attention to is halong bay shopping. Shopping in Ha Long is mainly seafood, suitable as gifts for friends and family.

What to do in halong bay

Ha Long has many beautiful scenes but also lots of activities. What to do in halong bay? #keepmoving will help you list all things to do in halong bay. Wish you have a memorable experience

Halong Street Food

In addition to the beautiful scenery, Halong bay food is indispensable. Find out about special Halong food as well as Ha long street food, Halong sea food here.

Halong bay accommodation

Halong bay accommodation is is the concern of many visitors. You can choose Halong bay hotels For normal demand, Halong Homestay for Young People or yacht for Rick People
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