Buy motorbike for traveling in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with many beautiful roads. So foreigners want to take the initiative to drive around the regions of Vietnam. buy motorbike in vietnam is a necessity. Below, I wll Introduce the best model vietnam motorbike for sale to travel long distance.


buy motorbike in vietnam
buy motorbike in vietnam

The most popular scooter vietnam brands are: Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. After reading the introduction about the car, go to the homepage of the company to see the exact price as well as the parameters of the car, distribution stores.

Honda motorcycle vietnam

Honda motorbikes are popular and the number one choice for people. Honda motorbikes often save more gas than other motorbikes, spare parts are very diverse and richer than others. Parts are relatively easy to find and easy to replace.


This motorcycle company is famous for its strong engine, running, very suitable for professional people. However, this motorcycle parts are a bit expensive and only genuine, it will be more difficult when you need to repair. Yamaha motorcycles often consume higher gasoline than Honda motorcycles


This is a motorcycle company that runs a lot, “eat” gasoline quite a little, so it is usually more economical for long-distance travelers. But this motorcycle company is not the choice of many people because of difficult to find parts, many places do not have and maintenance costs are also more expensive.

In general, honda motorbikes are the most popular choice of long distance motorists, followed by motorbikes Yamaha and suzuki motorbikes are often the last choice.

Top 5 best vietnam motorbike 150cc

1 / Yamaha Exciter 150cc

scooter vietnam
scooter vietnam

Exciter 150 continues to score points with 150 cubic centimeters of engine, cooled by solution.

Possessing a capacity of 11.3 kW and 13.8 Nm of torque, the Exciter 150 exhibits impressive acceleration in the range of 0 – 80 km / h. During the test run, the driver tested the acceleration of Exciter from the stationary state, until the speed ranges of 40, 60, 80 km / h, the Exciter 150 showed good acceleration in the speed range. This level, there is no delay

The Exciter 150 scores points when it comes to driving comfort and flexibility even in crowded, narrow or airy traffic conditions. Although the posture of sitting slightly forward, this does not affect the ability to control the car.

Besides, the taper system, the number of Exciter 150 are very light, helping the driver not much tired when having to change the number continuously. This can be considered a big plus for the Exciter 150. However, when running at low speeds, the vibration of the vehicle to the steering wheel can be felt, causing a slight discomfort. Besides, the heat of the engine can also be felt clearly when operating the car in the city.

In return, when running long distances, on the highways, the Exciter 150 will feel airy, thanks to good acceleration. The car responds instantly every time the driver increases the throttle. The aerodynamic design of the Exciter 150 helps the car run at high speeds. During the test, the driver can reach speeds of more than 118 km / h on the highway and still have excess gas.

2 / Honda Winner 150

hanoi motorbike
hanoi motorbike

The strength of Honda Winner is shown in single cylinder engine (vertical), 4 stroke, 4 valve, DOHC, electronic fuel injection, hand clutch, 6-speed gearbox. As a result, the car has a maximum power of 15.6 horsepower at 9,000 rpm. With Honda Winner’s engine equipped, it is rated as a hand-shaped model that is suitable for moving on long and complicated terrain.

In particular, WINNER 150 uses a 6-speed gearbox to enhance the sportiness and efficiency of driving at high speeds. In the primary gear, HVN uses cross gear that fits gently and reduces noise. The driver can freely control the vehicle by accelerating from low speed to high speed smoothly and smoothly and the power of the engine is transmitted to the rear wheels.

WINNER 150 is equipped with large, large-sized non-tattooed tires and large diameter wheels with 90/80 front wheels and rear wheels 120/70. As a result, road traction becomes better, ensures stability when driving, cornering or slowing down, providing peace of mind for the driver even when there is someone behind. WINNER 150 uses front disc brakes and rear disc brakes with a wide diameter to ensure the braking force is suitable for the engine performance. Obviously, this is a car that is worth your attention according to the criteria of choosing a car to go this year!

3 / Yamaha FZ150i

hanoi motorbikes for sale
hanoi motorbikes for sale

FZ150i uses 4-cylinder single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 150 cubic centimeters of liquid cooled, electronic fuel injection for a capacity of 16.4 horsepower at the engine cycle of 8,500 rpm, maximum torque 14, 5 Nm at 7,500 rpm. Vehicles use 5-speed gearbox. This type of engine is similar to the V-ixion 2014 model in Indonesia.

To match the speed and power, the FZ150i is equipped with 245mm disc brakes for both front and rear wheels, making braking more firm. The front suspension is equipped with a 203mm diameter steel pipe, creating a stable feel for the steering wheel. To match the speed and power, the car is equipped with 245mm disc brakes for both front and rear wheels, making braking more firm.

The front suspension is equipped with a 203mm diameter steel pipe, which gives a stable feel to the steering wheel. Shifting the gear slightly, though it looks a bit sloppy between N (at 1 and 2). Up 3, 4 and lower … 5. Sensitive! Good knock, smooth without jerking. The sound of the explosion is quite round and warm when turning the throttle and slightly pressing the number up evenly …

It can be said, in the speed range from 0 -> 80 km / h (because it is still rodage, so I do not dare to pull the gas station), this child is likely to depart well when compared to Exciter 135 and not really. What is the Raider R150 (these “steeds” have all been in turn). The car warm, howling, and quite powerful when the light is light and the gas is slightly accelerated when it accelerates quickly brings a very excited feeling! As for the ability of max max to be reached, please mention after ODO exceeds 1,500 km!

4 / Suzuki Raider 150

The steering wheel is short and attached directly to the front fork for a more realistic driving feel. This battered hand model uses fork before and after. Front suspension cylinder, oil damping while the rear fork is placed in the center of the frame and is obscured. Although only a single fork is used, the car is well loaded. On a short road, cars carry two with a weight of more than a pound but move smoothly and there is no squeaky sound.

Sitting on the car, adjusting the mirror, turning the key, squeezing the clutch and starting the engine, the sound of the machine is crispy and loud, making the driver quite excited. The more you pick up the gas, the more powerful the sound will sound. Raider R150 is a small-sized tapered car with high safety. Vehicles equipped with large diameter disc brakes in the front and small disc brakes in the rear wheels. Meet obstacles, squeeze the brakes, stop the car without being dragged, sliding on the road.

5 / Yamaha R15

Under sportbike line, R15 is considered a new generation car inheriting DNA genetic code from the super sports cars YZF-R1 / R6 and YZF-M1. Possessing an impressive headrest design with “Bright Eyes” and YZF-R1’s watch system, R15 is considered the leading sports car segment in the Asian market.

YZF-R15 has a 155cc SOHC cooling engine, 4 stroke, 6-speed transmission, 19.3 horsepower capacity. Not only suitable for conquering the road, R15 is also easy to move on crowded urban roads. Inheriting the “wind-proof” design from R1 and R6, with a weight of 136 kg, the R15 also stands out because of its smooth and smooth wind surfing ability. The front is equipped with LEDs, with the design of the letter M – one of the prominent features of M1, R15 really captures car enthusiasts at first sight.

Sports “substance” continues to be shown in the driving posture. In the V3 R15 the driver will have to bend over the old car. The position of leaning forward and embracing the fuel tank is typical of sport bike models. The sloping front seat is annoying when it comes to slow speed, but it helps in high speed range. The clip-on steering wheel, which is placed under the third section, helps to control the front of the vehicle when the person sitting down has to sit close, reducing the wind resistance.

Of course, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) helps to experience the feeling of high-speed becomes safer, but at the same time it also makes the price increase significantly – a factor that anyone must fret when there is intention to open a purse. On the other hand, the presence of the two “weapons” mentioned above also helped Yamaha increase the big gap with rival Suzuki GSX-R150.

Top 5 best long-distance scooter vietnam

1)Suzuki Gsx r150

A completely new and attractive sports car model, with the engine power and the most powerful acceleration in the 150cc segment, thanks to the harmonious combination of engine power and body weight, together with outstanding fuel economy and flexible control. It will be a suitable option if you have a hobby of exploring and looking for a car to go to your own.


Beginning to appear in Vietnam in the late 1960s and early 1970s, specialized vehicles were widely used in the northern mountains, due to their steep climbing power, they could overcome the winding, rugged mountain pass roads, there were can carry goods, suitable for traveling. Although it has been around for a long time, this car is still favored by young people and old people. With a 2-stroke 125cc engine, this car is still selected is the favorite car of the phượt people.

3)Honda Future Neo 125cc

honda motorcycle vietnam
honda motorcycle vietnam

The car looks sporty, modern and dynamic, equipped with cast wheels with stability, this is definitely the optimal choice when choosing a car

4)Yamaha Tfx 150

With a bunker-like appearance, stable operation, this nakedbike model is always the optimal choice for the phượt people. Powerful engine with large fuel tank, suitable for long distance trips

5)Yamaha FZ16

With a masculine design, small 153cc engine with smooth operation, Yamaha FZ16 is the nakedbike model of low-end popularity in Vietnam.

The large, healthy appearance of the FZ16 covering the heart is the 4-stroke engine block, SOHC single cylinder of 153 air-cooled cubic blocks. Gas supply system using carburetor (carburetor) instead of FI electronic fuel injection as on Yamaha YZF-R15, this is the technology minus point at FZ16. Tapered hands combine 5-speed sports gearbox. 9.5: 1 compression ratio, capacity reached 14 hp at 7,500 rpm, maximum torque of 14 Nm at 6,000 rpm. The maximum speed that Yamaha announced is 132 km / h

Top 5 best new vietnam motorbike for sale

1)Hero XPulse

Hero XPulse will be released in 2018 to replace Hero Impulse. Previously XPulse was unveiled at the 2017 EICMA in Milan in November 2017.

Hero XPulse has the power from a single-cylinder engine, with a capacity of 200cc, producing a maximum capacity of 20 horsepower and weighing only 140 kg. XPulse has two versions: standard and multi-terrain. With an estimated selling price of only 1 lakh (VND 35.6 million), Hero XPulse is said to be a very attractive price.

2)BMW G 310 GS

BMW G 310 GS is a combination of BMW Motorrad and TVS Motor. This is the GS family’s small pedestrian line, powered by a single-cylinder engine, 313cc capacity, water-cooled, producing 34 hp at 9500 rpm, and torque Maximum twist 28 Nm at 7500 rpm.

The G 310 GS has the same style as the GS seniors, 19-inch-sized front wheels and suspension for long-distance trips. The car has a maximum speed of 140 km / h and is available in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia) with a selling price of about 150 million VND.

3)KTM 390 Adventure

KTM is expected to introduce the KTM 390 Adventure model in 2018. This is a dual-use vehicle that is capable of running sports while being able to run multiple terrain, with very good equipment.

The car engine is a single-cylinder type, with a capacity of 373cc, for a capacity of 43 hp at 9000 rpm and a peak torque of 37 Nm at 7000 rpm. The car is expected to sell for 2.75 lakh (VND 97.8 million).

4)Benelli TRK 502

Benelli TRK 502 is a mid-range truck driver, with power coming from parallel twin cylinder, liquid cooled, 500cc capacity, producing a maximum power of 47 hp and maximum torque 45 Nm. Comes with a 6-speed gearbox.

Benelli TRK 502 was introduced in Vietnam market with a suggested retail price of VND 136 million.

5)SWM SuperDual

Another notable mid-range model will debut in Asia in early 2018 as SWM SuperDual. This model is equipped with a single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine, with a capacity of 600cc, based on Husqvarna TE610. Vehicles with steel chassis and aluminum shaft arm. Car engine produces a maximum capacity of 54 hp and maximum torque of 53.5 Nm.

Although there are no high-end electronic devices such as road control, driving modes, but there are Brembo brakes, Sachs shock absorbers, Fast Ace fork, LED lights and large luggage compartments. It is expected that the car will cost about 6 lakh (213.4 million VND).

Top 5  Cheap price motorbike in vietnam

1. Yamaha xtz 125

The first cheap motorbike that can be mentioned is the brand from Yamaha brand with the price of more than VND 50 million. It is rated as a classic hand-tapered car with a locust type. When used in conjunction with a helmet or a fullface helmet, it is quite suitable.

Compact size, wriggling through many different terrains. However, owning a completely large engine block that weighs only 118kg. Yamaha XTZ 125 with the slogan “The off-roads are your roads” (roughly translated: The way you created yourself). With quite cheap price for a hand-driven car model, it will certainly be a formidable competitor with other cheap-price cars.

2.Sym Wolf 125

Với thiết kế đậm chất cổ điển như vuông tròn đối xứng chi tiết. Cảm giác chắc chắn sử dụng để vận chuyến hành lý như lều dã ngoại, túi ngủ và hành trang đi phượt mà các bạn dễ dàng vận chuyển đồ dùng. Giá thành của xe máy đi phượt giá rẻ Sym Wolf 125 khoảng 30-40 triệu đồng.

3.Suzuki GN 125

Classic cars always have a strange attraction to us, especially the Biker brothers. With the coolness of the Suzuki GN 125, it’s easy to see nostalgia, especially when this car is extremely suitable for a 3/4 head helmet style. When combined with each other, there should be dust and boldness. Cheap Suzuki classic hand carts sell for 20-25 million VND.

4. Honda XR 125

The Honda brand with cheap motorbikes is always a great choice of Biker brothers interested. In fact, Honda’s car models like Wave or Dream are seen quite a lot during long trips. However, with gravel roads or rugged terrain, the Honda XR 125 locomotive car seems to be the perfect choice.

Cheap hand tapered car Honda is sold for about 50 million VND, with durability, fuel economy to help you have long journeys without worrying about gasoline.

5.Suzuki EN 150A

Next to a classic car line that costs about 70-80 million dong is Suzuki EN 150A, it is characterized by classic, not sporty like most other models. Because of this design, motorcycles go cheap Suzuki EN 150A suitable for middle-aged biker and older.

Perhaps the first part with the engine below has created a special attraction for the cheap Suzuki classic hand truck. The feeling of sitting in a car and you can see everything below is particularly interesting. The ruggedness, friendliness and waste of fuel make it the perfect choice for backpacker trips.

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vietnam motorbike for sale
vietnam motorbike for sale

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