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KeepMoving Viet Nam is a group of young people with strong passion for moving, nature, food, culture. We wish to save all the experiences of youth, best things of Hanoi as well as Vietnam, share all the beauty of our “S shape land” to friends in the world.

Our group’s name expresses the spirit of youth, enthusiasm; always Keep Moving along beside transformation of life. Our Members keep training, cultivating, learning and creating values not only for ourselves but also for social .

Let’s join with us!



The KeepMoving’s logo is a combination of group’s name and images of colorful palettes which represent 4 members:

Red: a strong color of energy, passion. The Red represents the personality, dynamic, powerful.
Yellow: color of pride, symbolizes prosperity and power. Yellow brings light and energy, stimulates warmth and generates new ideas. Yellow also shows confidence and dynamism.

Green: color of nature, environment, symbolizing vitality and hope. The Green represents the dream of a fresh, green and soothing world.

Blue: The color of heaven and sea. Blue brings a feeling of depth, steady and peaceful. It is also the color of loyalty, truth, wisdom, confidence, intelligence.

Four colors have their own “personality”, but when they combined, they will show the solidarity, strong need to reach the goal.


Our group will create VIDEOS of EXPERIENCES on many aspects of life such as:
– Tourism exploration, exploit the hidden beauty of Hanoi, Vietnam
– Enjoy the cuisine, unique novelties
– Wandering on the streets, recording the ordinary moments, simple but contains many deep meaning.
– Exploring the culture of the regions, describing the diversity in the culture of the peoples
– Meeting celebrities, influential people in a variety of ways
– Taking the challenge, overcome the fear of yourself, seeking your own limit …
– The experiences, the confidences to share about the experiences, the place had been travelled, the valuable memories … of KeepMoving’s members.



  Hi Guys, I am Đức MU ^^, You can call me  Duc or Mu :))

  Date of birth: 23/03/1991 (age of soul: 20)

  Zodiac:Aries  | Blood type: O


  HomePage: http://ducmu.info/

I want to travel/play more but getting old, so I joined the #KeepMoving team to not miss the time of youth: p

All my self can summarize the following:

“I have nothing but fun moments.

If you are lonely, I will make you happy.

I am not a gleaming wind, comfortable not to hang.

But … I have open heart, plus solid arms 😀 “

If talking about passion, hobby, experience … stopping, before things get worse =)), because I have the legal name: Like Everything

  • Travel: I have travel to All region of Viet Nam, All the famous Citys. The best thing is that each time we go to get a whole lot of experience in culture, food and people.
  • Technology, computer, web: KeepMovingvn.com is created by me :)). Also managed DragonBallwiki.net (the first and only Wiki in Vietnamese community for seven dragon balls), Huongmadam.com (selling food) and Hanoivnpt.net
  • Science and the universe: I like reading books or watching scientific clips, especially space-time theories, about space.
  • Football: Like to kick in both yard and small yard =)), and like M.U (of course)
  • Cosplay: Dressing up as your favorite characters is a really cool experience;)
  • Write Ebook: Like sharing views, experiences in every field of life, wrote 2 books Ebook about soft skills and how to make web for newbie: p

I Like … well not long anymore: v

[Leaf – KEEP’s small piece]

  Hello guys, I am Leaf – a “mixed” colour in Keepmoving Picture.

  My real name is Luu Hoang Anh, born in September 11, 1991. My pont of life is “Living is the best way to never regret of past“. With this strong spirit, Leaf will try my best to reach goals with KeepMoving.

  About your hobbies, my most favorite thing is doing community-oriented work, bringing positive valueable to social. By this way, I experiented, made friends and they became my close friends as brothers and sisters.

1. Member of the Youth Union of Hanoi Technology University
2. Former Head of Personnel – Chairman of Teamwork Club – belonged to Tam Viet Group (2009-2011)
3. Members of the “Great Pens” Volunteer-traveling Group, had come and supported the upland high schools. Lao Cai Village (Van Chan – Yen Bai), Co Linh Commune (Pac Nam District, Bac Kan Province), Lung Le (Cao Bang), …
4. Co-Fouder of Manh Teambuilding (2014-2016) – Teambuilding Event Organizer and Training Company.
5. Complete the first trip across Vietnam in 2014.
6. And now Leaf is starting a new adventure with Keep members, and we are hoping that we will create beautiful and memorable youth memories.

   Hi, guys!!!

  Im Phuong Le, you can call me “Poppy“, its really speacial if you know what Poppy is.

  My love for travelling was created by my mom, she is my travelling idol, she helped me to take first steps in travelling life, experienced every wonderfull things in life by myself. 

  Keepmoving is our first spiritual project, hope that you guys will love it as much as we do.

  From Poppy with love.

I finished the first trip from the North to the South of Vietnam at the age of 15. After that, I started travelling others places in Vietnam and foreign countries including: Cambodia (2015); The South of China (2012); Thailand (2013); Taiwan (2016); Europe countries (2016-2018) : France, Belgium, Holland, Lucxemboug, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal.

I usually share photos of the trip and traveling tips on my personal page to help people who need experiences for their trips.

I would like to have more and more friends, sharing passion together, supporting Vietnamese to travel abroad and foreiners friends come to Vietnam.

 Cao Tuan Ninh (Ninh Ken)
 Facebook: ninhskater

 I love animals, nature and cars.

 Motto of my life is: Youth only comes Once, Make it special to never regret.

– At present: Director and Editor of Nguoi Dua Tin Channel (Reporter)
– In Past:
+ Admin of Phuot Luon group (phuotluon.com) with 1.4m members in Vietnam
+ Manager and developer of 141 Channel – 141 Diary
+ Co-Founder of Oc Noc Saigon
+ Editor of Hanoian newspaper; VTV3, VTV6 Channel; Law and Life Newspaper; Reporter Newspaper.
+ Director of many events; actors of some TV series, short films, music clip.
– Patin Teacher for children
I finished the first trip from the North to the South of Vietnam at the age of 19

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