7 tips for tourists coming to vietnam

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Vietnam is a beautiful and safe country but there are things to know when traveling vietnam. Here are  7 tips for tourists coming to vietnam. #Keepmoving will update more vietnam travel tips, hope you get the best vietnam travel guide!

tips for tourists coming to vietnam
7 tips for tourists coming to vietnam

Vietnam travel tips 1: The money in Vietnam are similar

So be careful when using money to not be confused. For example, a 20,000-VND sheet with a green color is quite similar to a 500,000-sheet. The secret for you is to remember the color of each denomination, carefully check each denomination before using.

things to know when traveling vietnam
things to know when traveling vietnam: Money!


Vietnamese money is divided into 2 categories:

Paper money: VND 100, VND 200, VND 500, VND 1,000, VND 2,000, VND 5,000 -> small value so tourists rarely use

Polymers: 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 500,000

Note: $ 1 ~ 23,000 VND

Vietnam travel guide 2: Be careful to “force” to buy goods at high prices.

vietnam travel tips
vietnam travel tips: Buying Good

If you do not want to become a victim of being forced to buy expensive goods, you should strongly reject the offer of street vendors.Therefore, to avoid losing money and getting frustrated in your heart, you should deftly avoid the invitation of street vendors.Some food items such as donuts, girders and fruits are worth about 15,000-20,000 VND / kg but you will be bought for 70,000 -> 200,000

When you need a taxi, ask the price first. It is best to use car booking apps like Grab, uber, Goviet (Call a motorbike only)

Tips for tourists coming to vietnam 3: buy Vietnamese sim immediately

vietnam travel guide
vietnam travel guide: Simcard!

As soon as the plane lands in Vietnam, you should buy a phone sim at the airport to contact relatives and friends, inform them of the location you are going to travel. When you use up all the money in your account, you buy a recharge card at the roadside grocery store at any point in the city, so it’s easy to worry about this

If you do not buy at the airport, you can buy at the official stores of the three largest telecom companies in Vietnam: vinaphone, vietttel, mobifone

> Buy a Simcard for 3G/4G mobile Internet in Vietnam

Things to know when traveling vietnam 4: The country is not too poor

things to know when traveling vietnam: Vietnam is beautiful

Most Western travelers who have never been to Vietnam know that this is a distant country on the other side of the globe with yellow and black haired people. Severe wars in the past made most of them think the whole country was still very poor and needy. This also means an increase in crime and robbery.

Even some of the older American tourists who came to Vietnam for the first time worried about the previous war as a reason for them to be discriminated against by indigenous people. Contrary to these visualizations, visitors from the other half of the globe are often surprised to come to Vietnam and see a modern and innovative country with friendly people.

Vietnam travel tips 5: Vietnamese people often use English

tips for tourists coming to vietnam: Vietnamese speak English well

Many foreign visitors who come to Vietnam think it is very difficult to communicate, exchange or simply ask for directions. In fact, many Vietnamese people can speak a few common English communication sentences. The students also showed interest and wanted to talk to foreign tourists to cultivate their language, not for any reason.

Vietnam travel guide 6: Most suitable means: Motorcycles

vietnam travel tips: rent motorbike

Vehicles in the heart of major cities in Vietnam are mainly motorcycles, taxis, buses … For the first time to Vietnam, visitors can use the above mentioned vehicles. However, for convenience and ease, Western guests should rent a motorbike package at hotels and motels. Motorbike rental prices are usually not too expensive, ranging from 150 – 200,000 VND / day

Buy motorbike for traveling in Vietnam

Tips for tourists coming to vietnam 7: Through Street

vietnam travel guide: Street in Vietnam

To overcome this tough challenge, slowly merge into the car under the road, keep a steady pace, don’t hesitate, don’t stop, don’t text by phone or see the map when crossing the road. Traffic will automatically adjust to you.

7 things to know when traveling vietnam above are practical and valuable experiences to help you “survive” in Vietnam. Have a fun and meaningful trip.

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